100ah Lithium Solar Battery


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  • Solar/Wind Energy Storage System
  • Communication Equipment Emergency Power System
  • Medical Equipment
  • UPS, Backup Power
  • Electric Vehicles, electric mobility
  • Fire And Security System
  • Lighting




Model LFP48-100
Nominal voltage 48V
Nominal capacity 100Ah (4800wh)
Dimensions (mm) 580*400*160


Quantity voltage parameter

Max charge voltage 54.75V
Cut-off voltage cut 37.5V
Standard charge current 20A (0.2C)
Max continuous discharge 100A
Max pulse discharge current 300A


Environmental temperature

Charging ambient temperature 0~50℃
Discharge ambient temperature -20~60℃
Storage ambient temperature 0~60℃
Working environment Humidity: ≤95            Altitude: ≤4000





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