6.5″ On-road blue



Enjoy hours of fun on our smart self-balancing Hoverboards with built-in Bluetooth speaker and funky LED lights. It is fit for people from age 7!

Product Features

  • 6.5 inch wheels
  • Comes in white, red, and black
  • Maximum weight: 100kg
  • Max Speed: 10-12km/hr
  • Built-in bluetooth speaker
  • Charges via standard SA two-pin plug (included)
  • Please read instruction manual and warnings before using.
  • Battery low warning
  • Handle for easy transportation
  • Battery warranty: 3 months
  • Layout of the patterns may differ slightly to the images

Product Specifications

  • Battery type: lithium battery
  • Charging time: 2-3hours
  • Voltage: 36V
  • Initial capacity: 2-4AH

Please note:

  • Should the battery low signal go off, you are required to get off the board immediately and charge the board until it is full. If not, this could cause damage to the battery and the warranty will be voided.
  • Avoid continuing to ride the board whilst the battery low signal is on as the board will come to a sudden STOP and the rider might sustain injuries when falling off the board.
  • It is recommend that you wear safety gear when you are riding your board.

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